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Q : “Did you offer free/trial plugin?”
A : Yes we did. Please try our plugins first before deciding to buy one.

Q : “Your plugin doesn’t work”
A : Please open a new thread and elaborate your issue.

Please follow this format when you deciding to open a support thread :

1. Please explain your issue in details, and what steps have you done to solve it.

2. Include version of WordPress, the plugin and the name of the theme you’re using.

3. It would be very helpful if you also include your wp-admin account, so that we can directly debug on your website.


I have an issue with ECAE. The excerpt doesn’t showing on homepage. I already deactive and re-active the plugin and set the display option on homepage, but still not working.

WordPress v4.5
Easy Custom Excerpt v1.2

Theme : Xtheme Themeforest

This is my wp-admin credentials just in case you need it for debuging :

[secret message]
username : admin
password : admin


Q : “Why did you take so long for reply my thread?”
A : Please remember the time zone differences. Our location is in Indonesia. Suppose if you are in the United States and opened a post during the day, you can be ascertained at the time we were dead asleep in our beds, and could only reply the next morning.

Q : “Do you offer 24/7 support?”
A : No we don’t. Our working hour is Monday – Friday (9 A.M – 5 P.M).

Q : “Your plugin is not compitable with my theme. Can I get refund?”
A : “We are really sorry, but we cannot process the refund based on 3rd-party incompabilities. Please read REFUND POLICY for more detail :

Q : “But your plugin cost me money, and not working. Why I can’t get refund?!”
A : We provide free/lite version for all of our plugins. We even encourage our clients to try our free plugin first, before deciding to buy.

Q : “Why your plugin is not compitable with my theme XYZ?”
A : WordPress is a very huge framework and ecosystem. There are a lot of people/devs involved, and every dev have their own coding style and standard. It would be very difficult to maintain 100% compatibility to all plugins/themes. But we will do our best.

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