Things to do in Lakshadweep islands
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Tourists visiting Lakshadweep cannot escape the aroma of scrumptious traditional dishes including octopus fry, appams, and tuna cooked with a special tang of coconut flavor. A trip to Lakshadweep will let the tourists lose themselves amidst the tranquil nature. There are many other things to do that one can indulge in when partnering with Tour My India. We, offer the best Lakshadweep holiday packages and deals that suit the needs and preferences of travelers. Renowned for impressive natural beauty and exotic marine life,

Lakshadweep: The Paradise Of Tempting Islands

Lakshadweep islands have a number of impressive attractions that tourists can visit on their holidays. The beautiful beach destination promises to let the tourists get a lifetime experience by indulging in some of the best things to do where one can take pleasure in water sports activities and discover the enchanting sea life. Tourists holidaying in Lakshadweep can indulge in water sport activities like scuba diving that will let them comes close to the beautiful marine life, sit and relax on the beach for solitude, witness some of the folk dance events including the Lava Dance, Kolkali Dance, and Parichakali Dance, savor on the local delicacies and indulge in shopping the traditional handicrafts made from coral shells. The capital city of Lakshadweep is Kavaratti Island. In addition to nature's bounty, the capital city opens its doors to bring you to museums, aquariums, several sports, and other attractions. You can even witness the galaxies of unique fishes like lionfish.

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