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Updated on August 15, 2017 in Easy Custom Auto Excerpt
1 on August 12, 2017

I recently purchased your Excerpt plugin and it has been exactly what I was looking for but there are Two things I wanted to ask about:

1. On search results, is it possible to make the image a live link to the article or page that comes up?

While it works great for search results, I cant get it to work for my blog posts — it works just fine, but some of the characteristics that I want for the search results, I don’t want for the blog post excerpts. For the blog posts, I like to customize the excerpt, sometimes I will have a longer picture, sometimes a smaller picture. I put the read more link in manually depending on what looks best. If I have the read more button on the search results, I also have to have it on the blog posts excerpts which is what I don’t want. I also use custom images on the blog excerpts, so I don’t want the featured image. Is there a way around this?

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Moderator 0 on August 15, 2017

Hi there!

Sorry for late response, Your thread is slightly "drowned" :)

And regarding of your issues :

1. Yes it’s possible, but it depend on your theme. Some theme give only link/title result. Some other give link with image.

2. Hmm… It’s also possible, but not with current ECAE plugin. It need customization to fit your request. For now it’s fairly simple purpose, to execerpt your post automatically with or without featured image :)

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